Thursday, January 31, 2013


WISHING: Mason is currently teething and I feel so bad and helpless. He just gets so restless and I can tell he is in pain so I'm just wishing it doesn't take too long for him to get through this.

MISSING: I miss my sister everyday. She lives in Oakland as she goes to nursing school, but she's my best friend and I wish she were here to see Mason grow. Regardless, I'm super proud of her and she owes me big time when she graduates. And by that I mean with money $$$

WORRYING: Not too worried about anything right now truthfully.

LOVING: I too am LOVING season 2 of GIRLS. Absolutely my favorite show. Though it pisses me off that its only half an hour. EFF that, needs to be at least an hour.

CRAVING: Literally have been craving tofutti ice cream for so long and I keep putting off buying it.


  1. These photos are so adorable!! Have you tried an amber teething necklace with Mason? I know some people who have tried them with no success, but I personally wear one, as does my little one, and I think they are definitely helpful! I have tried a couple brands, and love Inspired By Finn the most! :-)

  2. Thank you! I actually have not tried the baltic amber necklace but I heard so many good things about it that I actually am waiting to receive one in the mail that I am getting from an Etsy shop to review. I am SO excited and can't wait for Mason to try it out. I'm hoping we'll be one of the success stories. Thank you for the link : )