Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Its taken me quite a while to prepare myself for this review, mainly because it takes a while to really see if it works. But, now I am finally ready to say...it DOES!

I was fortunate enough to stumble across Nikki's Etsy store, Holistic Baby Products and found the most beautiful baltic amber teething necklaces. I had been looking for a teething necklace because Mason started to seem like he was in so much pain as his tooth started to surface and I didn't want to give him baby Tylenol every four hours and just keep filling him up with that stuff. So, I wanted to try something natural and would actually help him. I spoke to a couple of my friends and got nothing but great reviews, so Nikki was nice enough to send one over for Mason to try out!
Not only does this babe look like such a babe with his necklace on, but it has some serious healing powers! Mason started teething at about 4 months, and it killed me to watch him in pain and the only thing I could do was give him some Tylenol. Considering I'm allergic to Tylenol, I was a little afraid to load him up with the stuff, plus I will always reach for more natural remedies rather than running to the medicine cabinet.
I put the necklace on Mason and he surprisingly left it on without even attempting to tug at it. I think he immediately felt at peace. The necklace is not at all a risk factor since it is completely smoothened out and cut to perfection! Of course, this necklace is not to be chewed on, though it is a healing agent that is meant to be soaked up by the skin.
It took a while to actually see a change in Mason's teething pain, but I definitely saw a change. He always used to throw tantrums while aggressively biting onto my hand. About two weeks after I put the necklace on him, the tantrums came less and less until just recently when he was aggressively biting onto something the week it took his new tooth to surface. I believe the necklace truly helped Mason through his teething, and is a much better alternative than constantly giving medication.
The description given on Nikki's Etsy page describing the necklaces goes as follows: Baltic Amber is not a stone. It is a fossil resin from ancient trees. Resin is valued for its raw organic properties. Amber is used as a healing agent in medicine and has been made into many things including jewelry. These 100% Natural Baltic Amber necklaces have never been altered. They are without any change to their natural properties, other than smoothing and cutting for your wearing pleasure. Wearing amber close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for teething that is quickly being adopted by many worldwide. Its healing properties will calm your child without having to resort to any man made drugs that can lead to irreversable damage to your childs well being. Amber gives an overall sense of balance and wellness in the body that will be observed within hours of first being worn. It is also known to be a natural antibiotic, having a positive effect on the heart, kidneys, and nervous system. These Amber necklaces are truly the best and healthiest way to provide your baby with the best life possible. *These are to be worn on the skin and not to be chewed*

And after trying the necklace on my little babe, I'm definitely all about these baltic amber necklaces and recommend them to all mama's whose kids are teething. Truly a miracle! 
Go visit Nikki's Etsy page, "Holistic Baby Products and check out her beautiful selection of baby teething necklaces! 

Monday, February 25, 2013


Yesterday, my baby turned six months. I can't believe how fast he is growing. You always hear that from mothers, but you don't actually experience it until you actually have a growing baby who seemed to be a newborn yesterday. I can remember the wave of overwhelming love I felt the second I heard his sweet cry, and the most beautiful feeling of warmth the second I had him in my arms. This boy has made me the happiest person on earth and I am just so grateful to be his mama. He is surrounded by so much love and is growing up with so many blessings. I am so in love with my little M.

Friday, February 15, 2013


So, Thursdays Mason and I usually head over to my friend Amy's house. We go out to lunch, then back to her place to lay on her floor, eat her snacks, and use her amazing camera. A couple of weeks ago she captured these beauties...
P.S. Go visit her Etsy store! She has BEAUTIFUL cameo jewelry.

Monday, February 11, 2013

// Sunday Adventures // Balboa Lake

HI! This weekend we got to housesit/petsit for my friend Gennifer at her beautiful condo. It was nice and we were closer to the better part of the valley so there was so many things to do. We still managed to make a couple trips to Target, like usual...but we also branched out to a couple places we'd never been to. Her condo is right down the street from Balboa Park/Lake and its BEAUTIFUL. I've never been there, but apparently it was Matt's stomping grounds when he lived on that side so he wasn't as super excited like me and Mason. But we got there and looked at all (one million) ducks in the lake and Mason was amazed! I don't care for birds, but if my boy wants to sit there and stare then sit there and stare is what we shall do. We also took a walk all along the lake, and it was freezing! But we hung in there and did the lap. I'm not sure how long it actually is, but I'd say about a couple miles. I may be wrong.
P.S. Matt bought me a Macbook Pro and couldn't wait until Valentines Day to give it to me, so I got it today! What a great guy I have. What great GUYS I have <3