Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Saturday we all went to the Long Beach aquarium, a.k.a Aquarium of the Pacific. Matt's aunt wanted to see the penguins, and we figured it'd be a great time to take Mason so we all went! It was really fun, and apparently a pretty big hot spot on a Saturday afternoon. [note to self: don't ever go on a weekend again]. When we got there Mason had just fallen asleep so I didn't want to wake him. But he was missing so much of the good stuff that I finally just got him up. He was immediately amazed and loved all of it. Though I think he liked the Jelly Fish the best. He wouldn't take his eyes off of them and tried to reach for them. FYI, I brought my DSLR camera with me, and when it was time to take pictures I noticed I didn't have the memory card in. FML. So, I had to document the day via iPhone. Enjoy!


  1. keep these posts coming! Love you, Luchi

  2. You are stunning, and your family is adorable. Love your blog!