Hi! My name is Melany. I live in Los Angeles, California with the love of my life and father of my child, Matt. We are proud parents of our beautiful baby boy, Mason. I suppose we'd be considered a "young family" being that we are both 23 with a child. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm fortunate enough to be with the man of my dreams and we are happy and in love. I have been going to school to become a special education teacher and have worked with autistic children for years now. I am also into graphic design and do freelance work on my spare time. Matt and I both love the outdoors and are adamant about raising Mason in an environment where nature is the entertainment and not the television. Therefore, we dream of a change of environment and plan on moving to Portland, Oregon in a couple years. We eventually hope to end up living the country life and watching our babies grow freely. Until then, we will make it work here in the city of angels. 


This is the love of my life and father of my child, Matt.
I couldn't have dreamt up a better man to spend my life with. 
This is the light of my life, my sweet baby boy, Mason.
He is the best baby, and I am the luckiest mama
in the world. 
This is our little troublemaker, Guinness.  He's got quite the
personality and I sometimes forget he's not a dog since he's got such
an obsession with playing fetch 24/7! 
This is our baby girl, Stella. She is our wide-eyed dreamer
and quite the affectionate lover. She protects baby Mason at
night by sleeping on mama's belly.