Monday, February 4, 2013


This weekend we decided to do our "Sunday adventure" on Saturday because I had a meeting with my pattern maker on Sunday. But once we woke up Sunday we decided to do something local, so that was a mini adventure for us. We took Mason to the park close to the house and took him on the swings, and slide for his first time. He seemed pretty unimpressed, but lately he's been holding back his urge to nap so he was pretty tired. We got a couple smiles here and there, regardless.

After the park we walked across the street to the hiking trails and decided to go for that. It was pretty hot outside and since the hike was just on a whim, we were dressed in jeans and not appropriate work out clothes so...yes. Mason seemed to have fun once we stopped and I nursed him, so he just needed a little milk pick me up. My little boy loves the outdoors and he loves our weekends when we have his papa with us all day long.

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  1. Look at that adorable face. You are a great Mommy. Family days are the best. :)