Monday, January 28, 2013


Last Sunday I started a "Sunday adventures" tradition. I wanted us to get out more as a family, so Sunday's are a perfect day for that. No matter what it is. Last week we went on a nice nature walk, and this week we just had a nice 2 mile walk to Starbucks in the freezing cold! I didn't bring my camera, though I had my phone but pictures we hard to come by when I was freezing! We walked to Starbucks, ordered our drinks and sat outside (yes, in the cold) and Matt and I had a nice 'meeting' over my website he is designing for my clothing line. I can't wait for the launch!
Once we got home, the sun went away and it started to hail like crazy. Needless to say, we stayed in for the rest of the day and Matt made some serious progress on the website. Later during the night he started to play the banjo after Mason woke up from his (3 hour!) nap and he went absolutely crazy. Dancing and cooing along to the music.
Next Sunday Matt promises we'd go to the Griffith Observatory for a nice walk.


  1. oh. i like this. we always make sure to have an adventure on sundays. maybe our little fam bam will join you guys. :) sharing posts. <3

  2. Pictures look beautiful. Can hardly wait to see your clothing line.