Friday, September 14, 2012

shopping list

Mason is three weeks today! (Today being Friday, since it is past midnight...) I've been at home for the most part throughout his first weeks, which I think has been best for me/us. Adapting to a newborn is something I think is best at home, versus going out all the time. I can't believe he is almost one month! Because I've been at home, I've been spending my free time (free time: any time Mason is napping) on the computer online shopping and reading blogs. Therefore, I've compiled lists of what I want to get Mason. And yes, I am Christmas shopping for him already. Just thought I'd share these awesome finds!

1. Cutest little raincoat with a striped inner lining from the Gap
2. Matching rain boots from Hunter
3. Kilim tiny Toms botas
4. Striped onesie by Goatmilk
5. Glass bottle for baby, BPA free with a silicone cover by life factory
6.An organic, handmade, wooden teether/rattle by littlealouette
7. An amazing fair isle sweater, it looks even cuter when you see it baby size! From the Gap.
8. A simple, comfy baby crew neck t-shirt from everafter.

So excited to get all of these littles for my sweet boy!

P.S. Little monkey is 3 weeks old today! He is getting more and more precious by the day.

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