Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mason's baby shower

I can't believe its been about a week since I posted last! Time goes by so incredibly fast with a newborn. I literally wake up and feel like I'm awake for two hours and then its time to go to bed again. Of course everything revolves around Mason, so I hardly get enough time to do anything for myself. I even have to rush and shower whenever he is napping.

Today I got a chance to look through my computer and came across Mason's baby shower pictures, and realized I hadn't posted them anywhere. I feel like this posting should be dedicated to his shower because it was one of the most beautiful showers I had ever seen. Besides the fact that it was for me, my friends Caroline, Nikko and Lariza did an amazing job and I want to share it with everyone!

My sexy hubster

Mason's aunts! 

The only guy at the shower, aside from Mason. 

Matt practicing his fatherly duties.

Absolutely the best shower I could have ever asked for! Such a great day, and I am blessed to have such amazing friends and family who shower my son with gifts and love! 

As of today Mason is 16 days old and is doing great. He basically lives on the boob and is going through his cloth diapers like crazy. But he is such a joy and the most wonderful baby. We have his second doctors appointment tomorrow so we'll see how much weight he's gained! 

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