Monday, August 13, 2012

sweaty bargain shopping.

Yesterday, Matt and I went to the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena! Its held on the second Sunday of every month, and its literally the biggest flea market I've ever been to. We left pretty early, around 8 and ended up getting there and parked and buying tickets by 9 am. Admission costs $8 a person to get in after 9. It was AMAZING! So many vendors, and so many different things to look at! Though, we obviously had to choose the hottest day of the year and I'm 38 weeks pregnant. So, it wasn't the easiest thing for me...but I had to keep going since every aisle we went down, there were better and better deals. I did drink about 500 gallons of water, and probably sweated out all of it. There are no comfortable shoes in the world to prepare a pregnant woman for the walking I did.

There were many vendors that caught our eye, but the heat and my exhaustion made it hard to really take the time to browse everything I would have wanted to. Though, we did buy a couple things that was definitely worth the trip... and the heat... and the swollen feet...


One of the shops on the way out. I wanted to buy Mason a nice tricycle but there were so many options and I was not lucid towards the end, so we left without one.

Matt had to carry the wagon he bought since it was super rusted and squeaked as he wheeled it around. Needless to say, it got on my nerves and so he got weird looks from people thinking how dumb he was for carrying around something that had wheels.

After basically crawling to the car in the scorching heat. Obviously not us at our best, but if only you knew how much sweat was dripping down our faces/bodies. 

The wagon Matt bought for baby boy! Its going to be quite the restoration, but it'll be a nice gift from father to son someday. 

And these are my goodies! A camera strap and a blanket. Softest blanket ever, and the guy who sold it to us was the sweetest hippie looking man there. Got it for $10 and he gave us ice cold water bottles after seeing me with my long dress hiked up to my knees and my red face and obvious swollen belly. Best buy of the day! For the experience, of course. 

After we finished up at the flea market, we came home and immediately took a three hour nap. We'll definitely be going back next time. If Mason is up for it. 


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