Friday, August 10, 2012

around the house.

I'm always interested to see what people have around their house, so I thought I'd share what we have around ours! I'll make this a common topic in posts, considering each time I'm sure they'll be more and more baby stuff lying around. 

Matt's banjo, and a framed piece of guatemalan fabric. 

We've got our hospital bags packed and ready to go by the door. 

Chalkboard wall with our mounted moose head.

Daisy chains I made out of required reading from high school.

Matt's drill. He's quite the handyman, and his current project is restoring parts to make a desk. His Etsy shop will be up and running soon! 

Our nook above the closet. Books and a model house Matt made me for Valentine's Day.

The nook is also Stella's favorite spot to lounge.

The cat's shelves, leading up to the nook. 

Mason's necessities. 

My favorite streamer decoration made by the lovely Caroline.

What I've been doing all day. Dried mangos, water and computer stuff.

Stella cooling down from the heat. 

Guinness is the baby, cuddled up in Mason's crib. 

The other baby, napping before work. 

and...13 more days until we get to see our bub! (If he doesn't surprise us sooner!)

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  1. Seriously, you are beautiful. Loving your blog. xoxo