Thursday, February 7, 2013


WATCHING: I always seem to be watching "The Office" when I happen to be blogging on a Thursday night. But yes, that's what I am watching. I was watching American Idol before this, and I don't know why I watch that show because its horrible and I can't stand any of those judges. Steven Tyler forever <3 (side note: Mason is snoring really loud next to me).

INSTAGRAMMING: My life since Mason was born is all about Mason, so Instagram is no different. I used to take hundreds of pictures of my cats (yes, cats), but now Mason has taken over my life. Pretty much all of my pictures consist of Mason, and some of Matt as well.

TASTING: EVERY SINGLE DAY this week I've had a soy chai frap with an add shot of espresso and I am LOVING it. Its ridiculous to spend so much money on Starbucks, but I've replaced my daily bagel with it sooo, not an ish.

LISTENING: hmmm...listening...I haven't been really listening to any bands specifically lately just the same ole' playlist in the car that consists of Eric Clapton, Bon Iver, and Mumford and Sons. But music aside, I have been listening to Mason's new found voice all day long. Its real cute.

LEARNING: I have been learning a lot of business lately with the making of M&TT, I've gotten my business license and sellers permit and am kicking ass at it.

**Let me explain the pictures above. Everyday this week I've gone to Target with Mason just to get out of the house. I start off with a stop at the Starbucks inside and get my drink and then stroll around basically every aisle with Mason. As i'm sipping on my chai, Mason sees and starts to imitate me and starts to reach for the cup. Obviously he can have nothing to do with any ingredient in my cup, so he gets upset and starts to scream to get my cup. So, I happened to be passing the aisle with the Valentines Day stuff and saw this cup there and handed it to him to play with so he'd stop whining for mine. I had no intention of buying it. Then I turn and look at him, and he's sucking on the straw...End of story, I bought the cup and he now drinks juice out of the straw.**

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  1. Target and Starbucks every day? That is like my dream.