Thursday, October 4, 2012

odd obsession

As of lately, I've been obsessed with baby bottles.  Weird. But ever since I started pumping and bottling, I've just spent an ungodly amount of time researching bottles. I wanted to solely breastfeed Mason for at least 6 months, and I mostly do...But we've decided to bottle up some of the milk in order for papa to feed him and be able to have that bonding time. We've also considered the grandparents and involving them in the feedings. Therefore, my bottle obsession came about. I've researched everything; from the different materials {plastic, glass, stainless steel, silicone}, to the venting systems used. There were some I absolutely hated but then again there were some I loved and had to try. {similar to my former obsession with cloth diapers and having to buy one of every brand until I found my absolute favorite}. So, thus far I've bought 3 different kinds of bottles. AND i'm still looking. But here are some of the ones I've bought...
Originally I had settled on the Tommee Tippee wide neck bottle. I listed it on my registry and received about 20 of them. I had thought that it'd be an easy transition considering it was similar to a breast and at the time I was really worried about nipple confusion. My number one fear was Mason getting nipple confusion and then never going back to nursing. Anyways, we tried these out for about a week and I noticed that Mason was getting very gassy after each feeding, and had to burp a bunch of times. I also didn't like the way the plastic made the milk smell/taste. So, I decided to switch. 

Onto lifefactory bottles! First off, they look awesome. They are glass with a protective silicone cover so it can withstand the little bubba dropping it. Its got a different nipple, which took Mason some getting used to. But when he's hungry, he'll settle on any shape! This bottle is great and i've got nothing bad to say about it.
I also bought four in the 9oz! What's great about them is that not only will they last Mason as he bottle feeds, though they also turn into sippy cups with caps that you can buy separately.
The only reason why I continued to search for another type is because I suddenly thought to try out a venting system type bottle. So, I am still using the lifefactory bottles as sippy cups and will eventually move back to them when Mason gets older. 

Next up is the Dr.Browns glass bottle. It has a internal vent system which is supposed to reduce spit-up, burping and gas. People rave about this bottle, so I looked into it. I've read and heard enough good stuff and went for it. Luckily Babies R Us was having a Dr.Browns bottle sale today {buy 1 get the other 50% off} so I ended up getting four bottles for the price of two. Thus far, Mason doesn't seem to mind, and he's been less gassy. It just has taken him a while to adjust to the new nipple, since he was used to the tommee tippee wide mouth nipple. But, if it helps him feel better, then I'm all for the Dr. Browns! 

I'm still looking around at the other types of bottles, in case there is some amazing bottle I overlooked, but for the most part I think this bottle is going to work out for us. I am still interested in looking at a few other bottles, though haven't had the time to really look into them and buy them. But I was thinking of getting the comotomo bottle.

Its all silicone, which mimics a breast. It is soft enough for baby to find it similar to skin, therefore it helps the transition. I need to do some more research though, but it does look interesting so I may purchase a couple. 

The most important thing to me is that these bottles are BPA free, obvs. So, yes all of the above are BPA free. 

So, thats my current obsession! Hopefully we'll settle on one pretty damn soon! Because now I'm starting to move onto wooden rattles for the little obsession? 

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