Friday, September 28, 2012

Our week as seen through the iPhone

This week has been a bit challenging because Mason is starting to grow, and the more he grows, the more everything changes. By this I mean, he wants to eat more, and he doesn't sleep as much. In return what that means for me is, sore boobs, no sleep, and a shower doesn't exist until about 3pm. I'm trying to get used to it, but it takes a while to adjust. Other than that, the most traumatic event this week has definitely been the clipping of his frenulum. He was born with a short frenulum which our lactation consultant suggested may be affecting his nursing, and also warned us that it may cause speech issues later on in the future. We had gotten many opinions about this, but ultimately thought it'd be best to just get it clipped. We had read that it would barely hurt when preformed at such a young age, and it would take about 5 seconds to actually do. So, we took Mason to the doctor to see what he thought and right on the spot he said he'd clip it that day. I was NOT prepared for that, and immediately began to cry. Matt went with Mason to the procedure room as I stayed back. It did take only 5 seconds, and from what Matt said, Mason only cried when they held him down. So, when he came back to me he was fine and was feeding 10 minutes later. I can definitely tell a difference in his nursing, and I'm glad we did it. He is now 8lbs 9oz!

Here are some pictures of our week taken with our iPhones.


  1. His little pants with the monkey on the bottom are adorable. What a gorgeous bub, congrats :)

  2. Yeah, those are amongst one of my many favorite outfits of his. Thank you!

  3. Such a beautiful little family!!! Actually, furry ones included, I guess it's not so small!