Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Preparing for Mason's arrival!

Its unreal to think that baby boy will be here within the next three weeks. I've gotten so used to feeling him in my tummy that I almost feel like it will be strange to not have those friendly reminder kicks anymore, and actually have him here. I think in some aspect, many mothers feel that way. I spoke to my friend earlier this week and she told me that the one thing she misses about pregnancy is feeling so close to her babies and being able to lay in bed at night feeling them kick. (She is a proud mama of nine month old twin girls). Though I'd have to imagine that is one of the few things that is missed during these long 10 months. 

Being that I can ultimately go into labor any time now, I have a lot to take care of. I just ordered some cloth diapers, and did one of my last runs to Target. I just don't feel I have enough of anything, even though I'm sure I've overloaded quite a bit. Now I have to get started on the little mans laundry, which I can assure you is more than just a couple of loads. I also have to finish organizing the nice little nook I've made him in the corner of our bedroom. Its almost done, but of course there are those little touches that are absolutely necessary. 

The room is definitely not done yet, especially the blank canvas on the wall. Its hard to think of the perfect painting to settle down and paint, but i'll come around to it. For now, baby laundry and organization is my main priority. I'd hate for Mason to come unexpectedly and not have any clean laundry! What a wrong foot to start off on...

Have a beautiful rest of the day! XO

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