Saturday, August 18, 2012

our green butt and a false alarm.

Matt and I spent our Friday night watching videos and researching the pros and cons of cloth diapering. (Yes, this is our life now. Our Friday nights consist of cloth diaper shopping.) We literally sat on the couch for about five hours and watched video after video of reviews and read literature on it from possibly every source we could find. We came to the conclusion that we will definitely be using cloth diapers for Mason! I'm so excited about this decision! Every aspect of this just seems so positive and healthy for our little babe. Not only will our Mason be using chemical free diapers, but mama and papa will also be saving a lot of money not having to buy disposable diapers! Its a big investment in the beginning, considering each diaper is about $18; though in the end it is definitely worth wise, health wise and environmental wise. The great thing about these diapers is that they will last from newborn until Mase is potty trained, because of their unique snaps which allow them to be adjusted through weights ranging from 8 lbs to 35 lbs. So, buying about $350 worth of cloth diapers is going to last Mason his entire diapering phase! Ah-mazing.

I've bought a couple cloth diapers from a different brand, though we've now definitely made a commitment to bumGenius. We had such a fun time last night picking out the perfect colors for our little bum and yes I do mean WE. Matt was very adamant about picking out colors that he liked as well. I'm sure if you asked him today he'd be able to name you off the colors he chose. (They've all got their own names. Bubble was grey, butternut was yellow, etc.). We ended up buying all the colors they had available, excluding the two shades of pink. I can't wait to get that package in the mail! Hopefully they're here by Friday aka D-day!

Yes, this is my life now. Getting excited over packages of cloth diapers. But, I love it! Trust me, when the time comes for those of you who aren't parents yet...this information will be useful. Until then, this post will just seem like a mother-to-be ranting on about diapers. But, I'll take it!

Onto other news...I had my first false alarm today! I was having horrible contractions since I woke up this morning and I wasn't sure what I should be expecting in order to determine if I was going into labor or not (considering this is my first child and not my 18th) so I ended up going into the hospital to see if I was. Other than spending 20 minutes with horrible contractions dealing with the receptionist registering me for the hospital, it was a pretty relaxing time I must say. I got to lay in bed with a sexy hospital gown and listen to Mason's heartbeat for an hour. Oddly enough, I find the hospital to be very relaxing so it wasn't horrible. Anyways, it ended up being contractions, though they weren't close enough. I'm having them every 7 minutes, and real labor starts at every 3-5 minutes. So, I'm close but not there. Hopefully I'll just make it to the scheduled date this Friday!

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