Monday, February 25, 2013


Yesterday, my baby turned six months. I can't believe how fast he is growing. You always hear that from mothers, but you don't actually experience it until you actually have a growing baby who seemed to be a newborn yesterday. I can remember the wave of overwhelming love I felt the second I heard his sweet cry, and the most beautiful feeling of warmth the second I had him in my arms. This boy has made me the happiest person on earth and I am just so grateful to be his mama. He is surrounded by so much love and is growing up with so many blessings. I am so in love with my little M.


  1. what a sweet boy. <3 half way to a year. ahhh!

  2. He is so beautiful! Happy 6 months to the little man.

  3. Happy 6 months! So handsome! That feeling of everything going too fast never goes away, just gets more mind blowing every month, every year, until you have a little person who tells jokes and reads and you remember when you could fit them under your chin and in the crook of your arm and it's just crazy.