Thursday, January 10, 2013


Mason has officially fell in love with his feet. He's known they've been there but now he really gets a kick out of sucking those toes and practicing his yoga poses. I think his cloth diapers hold him back from really being able to get ahold of his feet, so whenever I change him the first thing that happens when the diaper comes off, is the feet go directly to his mouth. So as of lately i've been using one disposable diaper a day to just let him get all his flexibility out. (I've got some disposables left over from the baby shower). Other than that, he gets all the stretching he likes during bath time where he gets to lay on the floor. He LOVES it, and immediately starts to whine once his diaper gets put back on. This time I grabbed the camera and captured his love affair with his feet.
 I just can't get enough of this cutie!

PS today we are going for his 4 month check up. (Although he's about 4 months and 17 days). And he's getting shots and he doesn't know it. : (

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  1. Just checking out your blog from Top Baby Blogs - you have such a little precious boy on your hands!!!! Makes me want a baby boy next! :)

    Sticking around to follow you guys' journey :)