Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hi! Since we've chopped down our Christmas tree last week, we've decorated it with some clear lights and gold bulbs. I don't care much for ornaments, but then I came across Jess's post on making salt dough ornaments and I thought it'd be cute to make some! Well, my little man dime is only 15 weeks old therefore he can't decorate the ornaments. So I thought the next best thing would be to have his little hands and feet imprinted in the dough! So, I tried it out. It's super easy and super fun!

You'll need-
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water
2 cups of flour
5 tbs of cinnamon (or anything to make it smell good and christmasy)

Mix all the ingredients together until it has a 'dough like' consistency. Then knead it out. 
Roll out the dough with a rolling pin (or a beer bottle in my case). Cut out circles, or shapes. Whatever you'd like! I used a cup to cut out some circles. 
My main man by my side, like usual...I imprinted his little hands and feet into the dough. It took about two batches to get it right since he kept squishing the dough when I put his hand on it. So, I had to wait until he fell asleep to take advantage : ) 
Poke a hole at the top of the ornament with a straw and stick them in the oven for an hour at 325.
After an hour, take them out and let them cool down. Stella was particularly intrigued by the cinnamon scent. 
Once they cooled down I painted them white and gold. (They look better in person. Trust.) 
Stick a string through the top and you've got an ornament! (Trust.) 
 There it is! Super easy, and now I've got some nice mementos : )


  1. Super cute! When I worked as a nanny, we made a bunch of this hand prints for the kids to give to their family members. Everyone loved them!

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I tried these out with Jacob today, using your recipe, and they turned out great! We now have lots of cute, teeny hand prints to hang on our tree. :-)