Monday, December 17, 2012


With Christmas approaching so fast, there hasn't been much down time for us. Mason and I have probably been to the mall about ten times in the past two weeks. Then a couple more times with papa. Its getting harder and harder to think of good gifts for each person on both sides of the family, so we've had to take it day by day. Surprisingly shopping with Mason has gotten a lot easier. He seems to enjoy being out and about and loves looking around at all the lights and hustle going on. He hardly fusses which makes things very easy for me! Still, I can't say that shopping is my favorite.

Today we did nothing but lounge and I took advantage of some online shopping while M was napping. We're just about done with our shopping! As far as whats new with Mason...He's holding up his head pretty good now a days. I'd say he's 99.9% there! He is also laughing a lot more, and especially loves being held up in the air in his little flying superman stance. He pulls himself up holding onto my hair or my hands and loves to be sitting down. He is also peeing A LOT now, and has been wetting the bed the past couple nights. Since he sleeps throughout the entire night, I don't change his diaper anymore so I've been doubling up on inserts in his diapers so I'm sure that'll be fine. Aside from that, he's just cooing a lot more and is definitely eager to hold himself up! But he'll get there : ) OH! And he found his thumb. So, he's officially a thumbsucker. LOVES his thumb. He'll be four months old on Christmas Eve! Such a big boy. I love him more and more each day.

I'll be putting up our Christmas card this week!


  1. Seriously now you have the most beautiful baby!

  2. He's so adorable!! I love these photos of him!

  3. Who do you think Mason resembles more? I think he has Matt's eyes and your lips!