Friday, November 30, 2012


I absolutely love "baby wearing." It is such an amazing feeling being that close to your baby at all times. I believe it really gives a baby a different approach to their surroundings being so high up and experiencing everything at your level. I personally hardly ever use a stroller, and I think Mason prefers being in a wrap versus on the stroller anyways. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to do a review of  the Solly Baby wrap, I immediately jumped on it!
I received the Solly Baby wrap in this simple, yet beautiful package.
Along with this beautiful letter pressed instructional booklet that featured these amazing illustrated how-tos.

I opened up the package and immediately fell in love with the soft fabric, and the amazing shade of blue. (Luckily, it matched my baby boy's eyes)! I looked over the booklet and immediately placed Mason in the "classic carry" position, which he absolutely loved! I carried him around in the Solly Baby all day as I did some housework, and I felt perfectly comfortable doing so (and I assume Mason did too considering he fell asleep a couple of times). When the weekend rolled around and it was finally time to go pick out our tree, I packed up my wrap and decided i'd try it out at the Christmas tree farm.

First off, this wrap is extremely easy to put on. It may seem complicated at first when all you have is a long piece of fabric, though once you put it on a couple of times, its a breeze from then on. There are various holds to place baby in, but Mason seemed to like the "classic hold" the best. Which is basically placing him in, facing me, with his legs coming out.
What I particularly loved about the wrap was that Mason's weight was evenly distributed on both of my shoulders. I've only ever experienced baby wearing with a "sling" before and they sometimes seem to hurt my back because the weight isn't evenly distributed. Though with the Solly Baby wrap, I felt no discomfort at all.
The fabric used for the Solly Baby wrap is an organic cotton that is so amazingly soft which makes for such a lightweight carrier. I've seen other wraps on friends before that just seem so bulky and thick that I just cannot imagine how hot the baby may feel on warmer days. The thin, lightweight material kept both Mason and I sweat free!
Solly Baby wraps come in four different solid colors, and one striped pattern. Each colored wrap is custom dyed using environmentally friendly, soy-based dyes. Which made me feel confident that my little muchkin was not exposed to any harmful chemicals as he snoozed away during our tree hunt.
An extra bonus is this pocket sewed right onto the end of the wrap which makes it convenient for pacifiers, or for my case...a phone. On the other side of this pocket is a bigger pocket which the wrap can be wrapped and stored into. GENIUS! Now, this wrap can be easily folded and wrapped into my diaper bag without taking up all the space. Ah-mazing.
Not only is it the Solly Baby wrap safe, comfortable, and convenient for both me and baby but I must say its quite a good look for us : )
I personally loved the Solly Baby wrap! Its very comfortable and lightweight, which makes it ideal to wear in any situation. With its convenient "fold into itself" packaging, taking this wrap with me was simple and hardly took up any space in our diaper bag. Another added bonus to this amazing wrap is that all parts are made in the USA, right down to the instructional booklet. Elle Rowley, the creator of the Solly Baby wrap, didn't miss a single detail! I will be wearing this wrap daily!

Elle was also generous enough to provide our readers with a discount code for 20% off over at Solly Baby, just use the promo code SOLLY BABY! And don't worry, you'll be able to sleep peacefully knowing that Solly Baby donates 5% of all their profits to charities that help improve maternal care for mothers across the world! Perfect.



  1. I have been curious about these wraps! Thanks so much for the review!! :-)

  2. That wrap looks a lot like the Moby, which I love, but it's addition of a pocket is GENIUS!

  3. Was there an expiration date on the 20% off code? I just went to use it at check out and there was no change in the price :/

  4. So I have a wrap carrier, but am not completely satisfied with it, and since I'm having another I was so happy to see your review on the Solly Wrap! I was just wondering - does it have 4 way or 2 way stretch? Like does it only stretch down the length? Or does it stretch across the width too? (Mine is only 2 way which is annoying!!) also, are the edges finished? I don't always love the serged edges most wraps have! Thanks again!!

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