Monday, November 5, 2012


So, Mason is obsessed with me. Literally is attached to me. He will scream until I pick him up, and if he's dead asleep on me, and I put him down in bed, he screams his lungs out until I lay him on me again. I spend my days wearing that little boy and the funny thing is, I don't mind one bit.

I am a big believer in attachment parenting. I have read many Dr.Sears books about AP and completely agree with that point of view. In attachment parenting, there are 7 attachment tools which are called the "The 7 baby b's." And they are as following:

birth bonding- which basically means being able to bond with your baby immediately after you've given birth. Its based on the theory that its starting off the relationship right. When the baby is most needy and the mother is most ready to nurture.

Once giving birth to Mason, I kept him with me every second in the hospital. I didn't even put him down in the bassinet to sleep. I kept him sleeping on me all night. Once I brought him home, we didn't leave the house for a month. Yes...a month. It takes a while to get to know a baby, and what works best for him. I needed that time to focus on how I needed to treat Mason in order for him to be at his happiest/most comfortable. He is now almost three months, and I am still learning new/better ways to help him.

breastfeeding- everyone knows breast milk is best for baby. I understand there are sometimes complications where women cannot breastfeed, but for me...breastfeeding was best. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed Mason. For both the health benefits and the convenience. Immediately after birth they handed Mason to me and I nursed him, and it felt incredible to be able to give my baby all the food he needed. Though, once I brought him home from the hospital I was having issues with my milk production. At that time it was just colostrum, though I wasn't making enough for him. I kept being told to switch him to formula but I refused. Everyday I sat down and manually pumped myself to get drop after drop into a syringe to then feed Mason. I got about a quarter of an ounce each time, after manually pumping for close to an hour. It was tough, but I refused to give up. This went on for 3 days. Until on my birthday (the 27th...Mason was born the 24th), my milk came in! Happy Birthday to me! I then started to produce enough to pump about 2 ounces every so often. It still wasn't a lot, but it was getting better. I then started to piece together that I just needed to eat a lot more than I was used to, and so I did. I had immediately lost all my baby weight and was down to lower than where I had began so I knew I wasn't getting enough nutrients. So, I started to eat a lot more and I made a lot more milk. Since then I've been doing the same. I can now pump about 12 ounces every 4 hours. To me, thats a lot. I really think that breastfeeding is so crucial to bonding with your baby, and I just can't imagine not doing it. No matter how big it makes my boobs (and I hate that), its for him.

babywearing- babywearing is important because babies are able to see from your point of view which keeps them from fussing often and they become very alert and interested in their surroundings. I've definitely noticed that. From the moment Mason and I wake up in the mornings, I stick him in my Sakura Bloom sling and start up with house chores. After walking around for a good while, Mason falls asleep safely tucked by my chest. When he is not asleep, he practices holding up his head and observing everything he sees. He absolutely loves it, and it is my go to when it comes time for Mason to sleep. The moment I stick him in there, and go for a walk...he's fast asleep. I absolutely love babywearing and wear him wherever I go. We rarely use a stroller.

bedding close to baby-night time is scary for little ones, therefore sleeping together helps everyone get a better nights rest. We originally bought a bassinet for Mason to sleep in right next to me. Though once he actually arrived, I couldn't imagine him being that far from me. So, he sleeps in bed with us. Its very reassuring to me to have him right next to me where I can see him. I keep a nightlight on next to us so I have a clear view of how he is at all times. Not only does it give me peace of mind, but its so much easier for feedings. When he starts to wake up to nurse, I just lift my shirt and he'll nurse. We both nod off as he is feeding. And there is no better sight than waking up in the mornings and seeing his face. Nothing tops that. Especially because he is in such a great mood when he wakes up. He's all smiles! I'm not sure what our long term sleeping arrangement will be. But I'm going to assume that he'll be in bed with us for a long time.

belief in the language of crying- all a baby can do is cry. They can't speak to you and tell you what is wrong or what they need. Their only way of signaling discomfort is by crying, and very loud. There are many people that believe that tending to a baby's every need will spoil them. But I don't believe that. Babies need to trust you, and how are they to do that if when they cry, you don't respond? Also, baby's are just too small to be spoiled. They are at a stage where they cry for a reason, not just to manipulate you. I pick up Mason every single time he cries, the moment he starts to cry. I don't care what other people say about that. Simple as that.

baby trainers- attachment parenting tells you to beware of baby trainers. Which basically just means, parent the way you want to parent and don't let other people with different views, manipulate you.

balance- it is true...a baby will change your life drastically. Once a baby comes into the picture, things and people get neglected. All attention is focused on baby, and things just start to become overwhelming. Its understandable. I mean, this baby doesn't know anything and relies on you to help them live. So basically, you have two to take care of. But you're not first anymore, baby is. And after baby is you. Then everything/everyone else. If you're not careful, these things may fall apart. Which is why balance is important. No matter how hectic things get with a wonderful baby, always try and balance and spread yourself thin.

So there you have it. The 7 B's to attachment parenting. Thus far, its worked for me. I've got a baby boy that adores me and can't get enough of me. And although that causes a problem for others, I'm perfectly happy with it. Mason needs me as much as I need him, and I wouldn't have it any other way.



  1. I'm glad the principles of AP support your parenting choices. I still struggle with 'Balance' - but I don't think this is unique for AP parents :)

  2. That baby has a really poopy diaper lol