Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Underwater photo shoot

Its been a busy past week, with Matt's diaper party and gathering together all our last minute things for Mason's arrival I've hardly had time to sit down and upload any pictures. But now I'm too paranoid to leave the house to even go to Target thinking my water will break in the freezer aisle, so I have time now to sit on the computer waiting for delivery day! 

Yesterday Matt and I had an underwater photo shoot with my sweetest, long time friend Caroline. It was such a great time! We spent hours swimming around getting good shots of this big belly! And thanks to Matt's discount at Best Buy I was able to buy a waterproof case for my iPhone, therefore most of these pictures came from my own phone! (and Caroline's better 4s...). It was such a work out to be swimming around with this unevenly distributed weight dragging me down and making it hard to even stay above water. But we got it done in a timely manner and the pictures came out absolutely perfect! These are definitely the kind of pictures i'd want to look back on years from now. 


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  1. wow these are gorgeous. the last black and white one should definitely go on your wall..